Energy bites for a hungry generation.

Dessert Energy Balls

weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly subscription

We hope you love Vero’s Bites as much as we do. Vero’s Bites are full of nutritious superfoods and wholesome, high-quality ingredients, and can be a healthy and consistent addition to your diet.

That’s why we offer our weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly subscription service.


Billed each week

300g of energy balls each week

10% off for all orders

Free Local Delivery

Cancell anytime


Billed every 2 weeks

300g of energy balls each week

10% off for all orders

Free Local Delivery

Cancell anytime


Billed each month

300g of energy balls each week

10% off for all orders

Free Local Delivery

Cancell anytime

For example:

If you placed your weekly subscription order on a Wednesday, you’ll be billed each Wedneday and your order will be processed and shipped each Wednesday or Thursday.

If you placed your bi-weekly subscription order on a Monday, you’ll be billed every other Monday and your order will be processed and shipped every other Monday or Tuesday.

If you placed your monthly order on the 10th of the month, you’ll be billed every month on the 10th, and your order will be processed and delivered every month on the 10th, or the following day.

Your delivery date depends on your address. For complete details, please see our Shipping policies.

Good Food With a Good Story!

At Vero’s Bites, we believe your health is greatly determined by your choices. Our subscription service makes it incredibly easy to make healthy food choices every single day. When you stock your fridge with Vero’s Bites, you always have an easy to grab energy ball when you’ve got that 2 pm drowsy feeling, when you’re stomach is grumbling 2 hours before dinner, or when you want to feed your kids something better than pre-packaged, sugar-filled ‘snacks.’ Best of all, Vero’s Bites allow you to eat dessert whenever you have a sugar craving.

I believe we never need to sacrifice flavor or fun! That’s why I developed my energy-packed recipes for Vero’s Bites dessert energy balls! My gluten-free, high fiber, hearty and healthy snacks are a great choice to fuel your body - every single day.

Vero’s Bites are the freshest energy balls in Southern Florida! We know eating clean, nutritious foods can be a financial investment, so our local energy ball subscription service allows you to take advantage of a 10% product discount, plus free shipping, making it more affordable for you to eat our dessert energy bites regularly.

Vero’s Bites are a nutritious dessert or snack option that fuels your body with healthy fats, proteins, nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants. Having a regular supply of our tasty bites in your fridge will make it easier to select healthy foods when you’re craving sweets or need a boost of energy!

Subscription Frequenty Asked Questions

Can I change my flavor each month?

You’ll receive your order in the flavor you originally subscribed. You can change your flavor at any time, but your change must be completed at least 48 hours before your scheduled fulfillment.

Can I cancel or pause my subscription?

Yes! Of course, you can cancel or pause your subscription. You can also change the frequency of your subscription at any time. Please make sure you make any changes at least 48 hours before your scheduled payment and fulfillent day.

Can I change my payment method?

Yes you can. Please make all adjustments 48 hours before your billing date.

How much is subscription delivery?

There is no fee for delivery if you subscribe, no matter the frequency of your subscription.

Can I send a subscription as a gift?

Yes you can! Please use your email address when you subscribe so you receive correspondence about payment and your account. However, use your recipient’s name and address in the shipping section. We will begin shipping your subscription, but if the recipient contacts us to cancel the subscription, we will honor their request and contact you to let you know.

Still have questions?

Please see our FAQ page or contact us at We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.