Welcome to Vero’s Bites

I make sweets for unrelenting dessert lovers.

That’s been my mission from day 1.

Vero’s Bites are gluten-free, all-natural, organic energy balls made with high-quality ingredients and no added sugar or preservatives. If you’re a resolute dessert junkie like me, now you can satisfy your sweet tooth with a clear conscience.

My Mission

Vero’s Bites’ mission is to develop simple, healthy recipes that allow our customers (and us!) to eat dessert every day. I make dessert energy balls that are filling and nutritious without compromising on quality, flavor, or fun!

My Values

I care about your health the same way I care about mine. At Vero’s Bites, I believe your wellness is greatly determined by your choices. But I also believe you never need to sacrifice flavor or fun for your physical wellness! I’m committed to developing delicious and nutritious sweets for you and your family, so you never have to choose between your sweet tooth and your health.

Good Food With a Good Story!


Like so many of us, I’m on a mission to fuel my body with food that supports my lifestyle. I’m a mom with a toddler at home, and I need energy to get through my days.

But I also love sweets.

I struggled with my weight for years and as a teenager, I learned how to care for my body and make decisions that supported my health and wellness. But staying a healthy weight always meant forgoing treats.

Now, as a mom of a toddler, I need a lot of energy. When I realized how often I was making a cup of coffee or reaching for sweets or carb-loaded snacks, I decided to check out this new energy ball craze. So I made some to try at home. And I began to feel so much better.

Then, something truly amazing happened! I made a DESSERT ENERGY BALL. I discovered I could have the sweet flavors I crave without the guilt, and without having to worry about how it would affect my health.

Finally, I could indulge in dessert every day, and it could be healthy, nutritious, guilt-free, and absolutely delicious!

Today, our growing company is selling my Vero’s Bites dessert energy balls all over the Miami-Dade area, and the feedback from our customers is motivating! We know that if you want to eat dessert more often (or even everyday!) and feel satisfied and full of energy, our nutritious and delicious Vero’s Bites can help you!

Thanks for being here.